The Brand New Falcon Foundation Series

The New Falcon Foundation Series Is Here!

Over the past few months Mark and the team have been working hard to completely rebuild the Foundation Series from the ground up.

We felt that a refresh of this series was needed in order to include the most up to date and relevant information regarding the strategy, plus a lot more.

The Foundation Series now comprises of 12 episodes in total, with episode 3 being in 3 parts:

Episode One: Intro to FX & Falcon FX

Episode Two: Technical Analysis

Episode Three Pt.1: Strategy Principles

Episode Three Pt.2: Strategy Principles

Episode Three Pt.3: Strategy Principles

Episode Four: Probability

Episode Five: Risk

Episode Six: Choosing A Broker

Episode Seven: Journaling & Trade Refinement

Episode Eight: Placing A Trade

Episode Nine: Psychology

Episode Ten: The Falcon Principles

With that being said, we are sure that you are as excited as we are for this new value-packed series. For members, you can watch the new Foundation Series on your dashboard.

For non-members, sign up today to gain instant access: sign up.

– The Falcon FX Team