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We Help Traders Scale Past 6 & 7 Figures By Simply Changing The Way They Think! 

90% of traders lose because of their mindset

Remember, the same thinking that got you to where you currently are, is not the same thinking that will allow you to uncover the next level of your trading.

Our system was designed to help you become the best version of yourself so you can thrive in your trading and everything else you put your mind towards.

Rewire Your Mind, 
Rewrite Your Reality.

Have you ever noticed some people are always "lucky" in everything they do? Somehow luck always seems to find them. There is a science to this and I am excited to unpack it with you.
  • Become More Magnetic To Your Goals– learn how to properly use universal laws that have been used by the affluent and wealthy for centuries.
  • Learn How to Rewire Your Past Programming – your past can act like an anchor holding you stagnant and immobile. Break free from the chains by rewiring your mind first.
  • Replace The Old With The New  – Working with 10,000+ traders, I can confidently say that correcting your self-image is one of the keys to trading success.  
This trading psychology system is designed in a way to help you understand how you are wired, uncover why you are wired that way, and learn how you can rewire your mind to achieve your ultimate desires in trading and in life.

I Started With Nothing & Built An Empire

If I did it, why can't you?

When you take 100% responsibility for where you are in life, beautiful miracles and "coincidences" come up. If you are serious about your trading career, this could be one of them!

Here's a sneak peek into the 
7 Core Principles:

1. The Golden Rule

This module will help you tackle the root cause of why most traders failed, and how they fall into the 95% that just keep on losing month after month.

2. The Flow Zone™

This module will help you identify and maximize the opportunities of getting into the zone while you are trading. Flow in and out of the markets with ease and enjoyment.

3. The Conscious Trader

Most traders don't believe their inconsistency is because of the way they think about trading. This module will help you identify mental blocks and challenges.

4. The Rewired Formula

This module will teach you a formula that'll help maximize your day on and off the charts. Thoughts alone are not that powerful. But combined in the right equation a miraculous synergy formulates. 

5. Self Image Correction

Images are mental pictures created by the mind. They are not true “reality”. They are created images that you accepted to be true from past experiences. In this module you will learn how to correct any of your limiting beliefs.

6. Secrets to Affirmation

If there isn't harmony between what you believe, say, think and feel, you (by universal law) are pushing your goals further away. In this module you will learn the power of words and how to keep them congruent with your desires.

7. Rewired Momentum Cycle

Just like a train, getting moving is difficult, but once it picks up momentum it's almost impossible to stop! Our objective with this module is to help you create momentum in your life.

90% Of Our Funded Students Say Rewired Was The Reason They Passed!

Rewire your mind to consistently progress in the market

When you apply what you learn in this course you'll learn how to:

  • Stay even keel in the markets regardless of your results – there are cycles in every area of life, trading is no different. Properly manage your emotions when the waters get rough.
  • Never bring FOMO or scarcity into your trading again – The amount of times traders jump into losing trades because they can't fathom the possibility of missing one!
  • Create momentum in your life on demand – the momentum cycle allows you to move your life into gear with flick of a switch.
  • Manage anxiety if you are in drawdown– trading is a game of probabilities and you won't always be right. The more you trade the better you must manage your mind.
  • Surround yourself with traders on the same path as you – most friends and family want the best for you but don't realize they are setting you back with their own programming. Only learn from people who are where you want to be.

Countless Success Stories from Rewired Students 


Here is Everything You Get When You Order Rewired Today

A Brand New Trading Psychology System

7 Core Training Modules (Audio)

Almost a dozen years worth of trading experience, and self-discovery combined with interacting with 10,000+ students into these 7 core training principles



10 Additional Training Modules (Video)

Hand picked video topics focused on the most common challenges traders face as they bulletproof their mindsets and scale their accounts. Videos will be added regularly



Rewired Study Guide (Digital PDF)

The Rewired Study guide is a blueprint and breakdown of the core training modules. Almost 100 pages of value-driven and actionable content



Private Discord Community

Surround yourself with likeminded traders as you Rewire yourself and grow into the best version of yourself. Regular live interactions will take place in the private group



Rewired Mastery Quiz & Notion Resources

The only way to consistently progress is by making sure you know the system to the T and are implementing the strategies daily. Test yourself with our Mastery Questionnaire



Brand New Release

Beyond Rewired

4 Core Training Modules (Audio)

Beyond Rewired includes four carefully curated and intentionally designed modules titled Beyond Rewired, The Eternal Apprentice, The Cognitive Edge & The Invisible Mind.



4 Going Full Time Modules (Video)

Four intentionally designed modules based on how to transition into full time trading, covering the Golden Number, Trading Trifecta, The Complete Traders Edge & Building Your Empire.



Trading Essentials Kit

A bespoke trading tool-kit designed for you to dissect your trading performance in the correct way & to maintain your success as a trader.



6 Reasons to Take Advantage of This Offer and Upgrade Your Order Today

  • Get results in your trading faster: When you learn from mentors who are where you strive to be it condenses your timeframes of learning and achieving your goals.
  • Keep your profits for longer: Having the right mindset allows you to spend less time on the charts, while making and keeping more. Most of our top traders spend around 10 hours on the charts per week.
  • Scale to the moon and beyond: The stronger your foundation the higher you can build up. Build a bullet-proof foundation and scale your empire to heights only imagined.
  • Join a power network of 6 & 7 figure traders: The traders you will meet and expand your network with inside our Rewired community are all on the same growth plan and trajectory as you.
  • ​Become You 2.0: The best time to re-invent yourself was 10 years ago, the next best time is today. It wont be easy but it'll be worth it. Master your mind and dominate the charts as a result.
  • ​Create a new life for yourself and for your family: Now it's time to take the bull by the horns and go after your dreams. No one else will build it for you. Enjoy the journey!
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