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Meet The Coaches

Falcon FX Founder

Mark Hutchinson

The Founder of Falcon FX, Mark has been trading since 2008 having been made redundant due to the recession. 

Mark founded Falcon FX in 2017 and has a wealth of experience under his belt, previously trading support & resistance before developing his own price action & market structure oriented strategy known as the “Falcon style” of trading today.

Falcon FX Coach

Abdullah Salem

Throughout his 6+ years of market experience and nearly 10 years of experience in risk management, coach Abdu has transformed from an entrepreneur unaware of FX to funded full-time trader all while scaling his account and mindset.

Abdu’s wisdom, deep understanding of psychology and emotions and profound ability to explain complex ideas in simple ways make him an excellent mentor to help you obtain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this industry.

Falcon FX Coach

Ibrahim Ansari

Ibby has been involved in the financial markets since 2017 and is now a funded full-time trader.

Ibby has transformed his trading and is devoted to sharing his passion as he continues to scale up. Whether you’re new to trading, or are well seasoned in the markets, Ibby can assist you in gaining consistency and acquiring the capital of your needs.